8 Jun

I’m quite the couch potato (mind you, I’ve been wanting to restart my yoga sessions but I’ve managed to create excuse after excuse after excuse—a really bad habit that must end…NOW!).  As long as my shows are on telly, I can be a veritable rock, and cannot be moved!  It’s a really good thing that I’ve got work because otherwise, given the opportunity, I would be there, plonked on the couch with my eyes trained on the telly.

What are your TV show traps?  These are mine:

  1. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – I love the original, even with the inclusion of Lawrence Fishburne, but the New York and Miami incarnations are okay too.
  2. Bones – who can’t love Temperance Brennan and Seely Booth hey?
  3. Gossip Girl – this is a GP (aka Guilty Pleasure)!!!  Nothing like being a fly on the wall while B, S, C, N and Lonely Boy live their lives in the oh-so-swanky Upper East Side, eh?
  4. Pretty Little Liars – another GP.  I missed the first few episodes I think, and I’ve got about 2 or 3 episodes skyplussed that I need to see 🙂  So for the PLL viewers, who do you think A is huh?
  5. Glee – because I am a closet thespian, Glee ticks all the boxes 🙂  Although, am not quite the Gleek just yet.
  6. Doctor Who – I can’t wait till the autumn resumption of the current series!!!  I need to know what happens to the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River Song!
  7. Modern Family – laugh-out-loud family disfunctions that I can sometimes relate to! 🙂
  8. Diners, Drive-ins and Dives – I love this foodie show!  It actually inspired me to learn how to make slow-cooked pork and the Kansas rub!  I would love Guy Fieri’s job…but I’d love to have a gym membership included in the terms of employment!
  9. The Reality TV Shows – I love a collection of it.  I love watching the UK’s The Apprentice, Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor (although am not too sure I’ll be watching X-Factor this series as Dannii Minogue is no longer a judge…I have favourites, you see!).

I’ve probably forgotten things, but I’ve just remembered that today is Wednesday, and tonight The Apprentice is on! 🙂


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