Quotable Quote: Baroness Hayman

25 May

I watched United States’ President Barack Obama’s speech at Westminster today.  It was eloquent, as I expected it to be.  Barack Obama has a way with words.  But what I enjoyed the most was not his speech to members of the Houses of Commons and Lords, but the introduction made by the Speaker of the House of Commons and the response delivered by Speaker of the House of Lords, Baroness Hayman.  While it was delivered in typical loquacious Obama fashion, I felt it lacked something, that it was more style than substance.  But I guess, I chalk up that cynical view to my slightly jaded view of politicians in general.

My quotable quote from today isn’t from Barack Obama’s speech, but from a quote shared by Baroness Hayman in her response to the address made by the president of the United States.  She quoted an unnamed distinguished New York Governor, who said:

[P]oliticians have the propensity to campaign in poetry but to govern in prose.

This is so true (especially in the case of most Filipino politicians!).  I shall stop my jaded thoughts there.

The entirety of the response from Baroness Hayman can be found on the UK Parliament Website.


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