BIG Breakfasts

14 May

I grew up eating hearty, hot breakfasts.  My mom would always make us something to go with the hot steamed rice, or the garlic fried rice (called sinangag).  My favourite was when my Mom would make daing na bangus (it’s a crispy fried filleted milkfish that was marinated in vinegar, salt, garlic and crushed pepper) or beef tapa (thinly sliced beef steak marinated in soy sauce, vinegar, and garlic) served with eggs.  It was probably a Filipino version of a full English.

Hot food in the morning sets everyone off, at least that’s what my mom always used to say.  I’m beginning to think there is a lot of wisdom in that.  These days, I tend to skip breakfast and satisfy myself with just a hot cup (or three) of coffee in the morning.  Every Filipino mother worth her weight in salt would always have a hot meal in the morning.  It might be a fried breakfast, or it might be congee, or it might be champorado (which is glutinous rice cooked with chocolate and is served with either tuyo, which is a dried salty fish, or just evaporated milk).  Or it can be a slice of spam with a scrambled egg on the side.  On Saturdays, we’d usually have longsilog (which is a sort of acronym for longganisa-sinangag-itlog, which is a Filipino sausage, garlic fried rice and egg–mostly cooked sunny side up), usually served with a side of chopped salad tomatoes.

Breakfast Club's Full MontyI love the fact that the Brits have what is called the full English breakfast (also called the Full Monty).  It’s a fried breakfast that is reminiscent of longsilogs—supersized longsilogs, that is!  It consists of sausages, strips of bacon, grilled tomatoes, grilled mushrooms, a fried egg (or two), hashbrowns, and toast (some versions have fry bread and black pudding! yes it’s a lot of food!).

I don’t think I was actively looking for a great place to that does excellent breakfasts.  But it is nice to eat breakfast without having to contend with the washing up after.  There was a place in Harwich that did excellently priced breakfasts (mind you, it was okay but nothing to write home about) that has since closed.  I’m always open to trying new places to eat and this was a gem of a find.

The Breakfast Club already has a cult following.  As was the case when we got there early this morning.  There were several people milling around the area of the D’Arblay Street branch of the Brekky Club!  There was this woman who kept opening the shut door asking if they were open already.  Talk about being desperate for breakfast!  Mind you, after having had breakfast at the Breakfast Club, I can almost understand why she was that excited to get a table and order whatever it was that she wanted to order (but at the time, I was thinking, “Man, this woman must’ve failed the marshmallow test!“).

My first choice was the Eggs Benedict.  The eggs were absolutely gorgeous (they were perfectly poached!) and the hThe Breakfast Club's Green Eggs and Hamollandaise sauce was amazing–just the right balance of richness and tartness.  The ham slices that were served with the eggs were absolutely delicious.  I don’t think I can really describe how much I enjoyed it.  I loved my breakfast so much that I knew my dad would love it too, as he is a fan of a good breakfast as well.

Their green eggs and and ham were absolutely delightful.  The scrambled eggs were moist and fluffy and with just the right amount of chives and cream cheese.  The dish is served with potato wedges that were crispy on the outside but nice and soft and mushy on the inside.  Their freshly squeezed orange juice was gooooooood.  I was there, sipping away, wondering where they got their oranges because the juice was tart but sweet.  I was in breakfast heaven.

Another beautiful breakfast plate was the chorizo hashbrowns.  It’s served with two huge chorizo sausages (reminiscent of longganisas that my mom used to buy from the Fairview Wet Market), mushrooms, hashbrowns (the pBC Chorizo Hashbrownsroper ones, none of the frozen variety!) and 2 beautifully cooked sunny side up eggs.

It’s a must-go-to place for really amazing cups of coffee (their vanilla lattes are DELISH!) and an amazing menu for brunches (which I think are served until 5PM!).  All the plates are beautifully prepared and the portions are absolutely generous (makes for amazing eat-off-someone’s-plate moments! haha!).  The restaurant vibe is amazing, it’s very young, and as cheerful as the yellow paint on their shopfronts.  The service is quick and efficient but very friendly.  They solicituously ask you occasionally if you need anything or if the food is to your liking.  It’s a cosy little place (40 seats at a stretch, I would think) but it’s a place that just made me smile.  All the branches amazingly easy to get to, within walking distance of tube stations (walks are good to work up an appetite for breakfast and excellent to walk off the breakfast! Haha! :))

I’m definitely going back, if I’m in London!  Breakfast is ACE at The Breakfast Club!


Full Monty – The Breakfast Club


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