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7 May

You by Joanna Briscoe, book to review for Waterstones.You by Joanna Briscoe.

I’m not too sure if it was a competition.  But if you’re a Waterstone’s Card holder you get to enter your name on a list of people who want to review books.  You get a copy of the book for free and you’re invited to write 200-500 words about the book.  I suppose they draw lots and they draw a number of people per title and I was one of the lucky few!

The book arrived yesterday, but as I was at work, Mr Postie left a little note to say he tried to deliver but the parcel wouldn’t fit in my mailbox.  I was only able to claim it from the post office today.  I’m 4 chapters in, but it’s quite the engaging book…so far!  There goes my weekend plans!

I’m not feeling too super today so it’s a welcome excuse to curl up in bed!  Oh and yes, sometimes it does pay to get those cards that they offer you to get 🙂


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