Off to see Robin Hood today!

4 May

Well, not really.  I’m off to go look at a conference venue in Nottingham.  I know I’m not going to get to see much of anything today.  It’ll be train to London, tube to St Pancras, train to Nottingham (no changes, thank goodness!), taxi to venue, venue, taxi to Nottingham train station, train back to London, tube back to Liverpool Street and then back home.  It’s a lot of hullaballoo for not a lot of anything.

The sad bit is, when I was growing up, I had this Robin Hood obsession (mostly fuelled by Michael Praed and the Robin of Sherwood show).  I had several different versions of the Robin Hood story and anything Robin Hood, I read (I even read Ivanhoe because I’d read somewhere that there was a mention of Robin Hood in the story!).  I know I won’t see anything, not the sights, not the historical stuff and I know that even the slightest glimpse of Sherwood Forest will be an impossibility!

Such is the life of a meeting planner!  C’ést la vie!

In other news, it is my cousin Mags’ birthday today.  He, like me, is working away from home and his beautiful family.  I hope that he is blessed with happiness today despite the distance from his loved ones and that this day is doubly blessed.

Happy birthday Kuya!


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