Don’t get me wrong…

2 May

I am definitely thankful for the bank holidays because I get time to switch off from everyday working life and I can just vegetate.  I can stay in bed and read to my heart’s content.  I can catch up on household chores that have been pushed back because they’re been time consuming (I’ve cleaned—partially—my oven!  Hurrah!) and my time is generally too stretched on usual weekends (not really, but I can be a lazy sod sometimes!).  I can catch up on missed episodes of shows that I’ve sky-plussed (I’m feeling slightly panicky because I think Gossip Girl is on and I’m not recording it, but on the flipside, that panicky feeling is calmed by the fact that I am watching a whole other series which seems interesting–it’s the type where you just watch and don’t really think about the plot–and popular at the moment: Pretty Little Liars!).

The downside to having long weekends off is that the work week gets shorter and one doesn’t have enough time to finish what one usually does in a usual 5-day work week.  It’s an evil, stressful catch-22 situation but I guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  Everything evens out in the end, I suppose.  You get more rest but it’s to shore up your stress-resistance!

Right!  On to my ironing now!


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