Buying papers for Duckie

1 May

As the rest of the country recovers from all the excitement caused by the Royal Wedding, I am up bright and early ready to secure copies of the newspapers with Royal Wedding keepers.  I am up early because I don’t want a repeat of what happened yesterday.  After reading The Bag Hag‘s tweets about how lovely the pictures were, I decided I would get a copy of one of the papers to send back to Manila for Duckie to read.  But I checked nearly every accessible news agent in Colchester and there were NO MORE papers!  So I vowed to be up early so that I wouldn’t come up empty-handed.  Besides, Sunday papers may have more of the same things, maybe even better photos.

The Royal Wedding - the Vows

And because I was early, there were enough newspapers to satisfy the hardiest of hoarders.  I had my pick 🙂  And then after, I discovered that getting a bacon, egg and cheese roll from the burger van parked on the pier was a really good deal 🙂  So breakfast and my newspapers for Duckie.  Job done!

Oh yeah, and Manila is celebrating Labour Day today.  Pity they won’t have a non-working day tomorrow.


One Response to “Buying papers for Duckie”

  1. Layla 9 May 2011 at 03:23 #

    thank you! 🙂

    Kate really looked beautiful. Haha, di ako maka-get over. :))

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