Blogging road blocks

30 Apr

I am guilty of not writing everyday.  And sometimes, I need to write lists so that I understand why my behaviour is the way it is.  Here are my top blogging road blocks, do you share any of them?

  1. TV – there are days when watching the idiot box is so mind-numbingly relaxing that all you have to do is switch it on, find some generic programme (like Eastenders, which I vowed I would never watch, but now find myself occasionally paying attention to the convolutedly complicated storylines!).
  2. the Kindle – I’ve got probably 50 books in it now and to-date, out of the 50, I’ve only read 5, although, quite successfully, am reading book Number 6 now, PG’s The Red Queen.  What can I say, I love to read!
  3. my health – I don’t really want to whine too much (and let’s be honest here, I am quite the whiner when I want to be!) and I’ve been feeling under the whether these days and I’d rather be in bed than sit up tapping away in front of a computer.  I don’t necessarily want to write about my illness because I kind of feel like I’m putting too much negativity out if I write about how crappy I feel all the time!
  4. pure and simple procrastination – I am and have always been a procrastinator (it’s in my genes I think, the tendency to procrastinate!) and that’s been a problem in terms of blogging.  I may have a brilliant idea about a blog entry but because I will, more often than not, forget to write things down (even if I have every imaginable piece of tech to do that, even when on the go: iPhone, pen, paper!) or I tell myself I’ll blog later and end up not blogging at all!
  5. Facebook and Twitter – quite frankly, I think this is the major culprit.  Most of the time, when I do go online, I open 3 tabs: Twitter, Facebook and WordPress.  I do, however, get stuck on catching up on missed tweets and my friends’ Facebook updates.  I should resolve to do more writing than social networking, especially since I’ve started blogging again because I want to actually write a book!
  6. Work-Life Balance – I think work stress is also getting to me that sometimes I just want to switch off when I get home.  And this is what I don’t like.  Work used to be fun…but I find that more and more, things are getting heaped on my plate which aren’t part of my job description.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I have a job that, most of the time, I enjoy.  But it would be nice to have a better, less blue-aired (the person I share a space with, I don’t think understands that for there to be productivity between individuals who share a space, there has to be a give-and-take and a mutual respect of values and the idea of personal space.  I get it, you are who you are.  But you also need to take into consideration, who I am.  I need quiet to function.  Your constant nattering is seriously getting to me!—right, rant over!  Shake it off!  Shake it off!), more collaborative environment (less of the “you do the grunt work, I do the sexy bit on the end” remarks, because seriously, what you do is miles away from my definition of sexy!—Really, rant time’s over now!).
  7. Emails – really, if I was doing any writing, I’d really rather write to my rellies more than anything! 🙂


Road blocks –


2 Responses to “Blogging road blocks”

  1. Lian 6 May 2011 at 14:54 #

    I can totally relate to that. This is the reason why I signed up for post a week instead of post a day. I think blogging should be fun, not something I still have to do today on top of all the other things in my agenda. Good luck with your posts!

    • Yelly 8 May 2011 at 19:53 #

      Don’t get me wrong. I am a master procrastinator and this was not only a writing exercise but also an exercise in discipline. I am, most times, fairly challenged, and will never pass the opportunity to whinge. But it’s just that the past few weeks have been horribly busy that life seems to be interrupting my blogging! haha! 🙂

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