And so it is…

29 Apr

I was terribly ill when they announced the engagement, so I was at home.  I always make it a point to watch BBC Breakfast when I’m at home and as it happens, I was ill for several days and needed a pick-me-up on the day that they announced the engagement.  So there I was, feeling feverish, stomach completely unstable, stubbornly sitting on the couch, waiting for William and Kate to make the announcement well and truly official.  And after the announcement, the next thing to wait for was the actual wedding.  And after all the waiting for all the announcements, we’re finally here.  The Royal Wedding Day.

Royal Engagement Portrait. Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office

I got up an hour later than I planned.  I wanted to watch all the pre-wedding goings on on telly.  But as it happens, I woke up at 9AM instead of 8AM.  I rushed out to the front room so I could plonk myself on the sofa, switched on my laptop so I could tweet (I tweet a lot, I think!) and had a bacon and egg sandwich to get me through the morning (I had a pork roast planned for the mid-day meal—midday used quite loosely as I figured I wouldn’t be able to cook until waaaay after the wedding coverage was over!  Think 2PM?).  I think only the wedding scrooges would say anything negative about it.  It was a lovely wedding of a beautiful couple.  And, because I’m a hopeless romantic, I’d like to think that it was not only a wonderful partnership strengthened by time, it was a meeting of minds and a melding of hearts (how fanciful is that?!?).

All throughout the day, I couldn’t help but think of Damien Rice’s song Blower’s Daughter.  It seemed like a good song for the soundtrack of the wedding, if you will.  Because really, you couldn’t really take your eyes off William and Kate and how stunning Kate was and how dashing William looked in his uniform (despite the hairloss!  Sorry!  it just had to be said as his receding hairline was a bit like the elephant in the room.  He is, what is called in the Philippines, “now showing”.).

I think it was brilliant timing for a wedding.  It was just what Great Britain needed.  And it’s given the British people a chance to fall in love with the monarchy again.

Oh and to St Kate and St William, THANK YOU FOR THE EXTRA BANK HOLIDAY! 🙂


One Response to “And so it is…”

  1. liz 6 May 2011 at 06:31 #

    Oh I agree it was a beautiful wedding and it’s made even more beautiful because they love each other so much. 🙂 but yes, poor will! his receding hairline has become a butt of jokes in the online world. Harry and the Half Bald Prince they call it! haha

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