From the sidelines…

27 Apr

I can’t vote, but I care about what happens to Britain.  I live here!  I keep encouraging people to vote, as a practice, because it is a right and everyone must exercise their right to vote.  If you don’t vote, your whinging about the government doesn’t hold water because you didn’t do what you could to express your choice.  You can’t complain because you didn’t vote.  But that’s just me!

After listening to so many reports and people trying to explain the AV vote, I finally understand it.  And now that I understand it, I can put in my 2 cents’ worth.  I’d vote NO, if I could vote.


Because, as a voter, I would want my vote to be counted as one vote for the person I chose to vote for.  I don’t want to run the risk of my vote being redistributed to someone I did not even consider when I made my choice.  The alternative vote runs the risk of “reallocating” my vote to someone who I didn’t vote for.  And that, I feel, negates the expression of choice that I made.

There, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I feel a lot better.


3 Responses to “From the sidelines…”

  1. knotrune 28 April 2011 at 21:46 #

    Your vote would never be allocated to someone you didn’t vote for. You number your choices by preference, in order, and if there are any you don’t want, you don’t put a number by them. Simple. If you want, you can vote for only one person, but if they don’t get in, you don’t get a second choice. If you are OK with three of the candidates, but hate the fourth, you vote for the three you like and not for the one you don’t, so they never get your vote.

    FPTP does not count as a vote for the person you want to vote for if you live in an area where that person has no chance to get in. Most places there are only two candidates at all likely to win, so you either have to vote for whichever of those two you prefer or let your vote not count at all.

    AV is not ideal, but FPTP is not nearly as fair as they try to make out. I’ve blogged about it today and a couple of days ago too if you would like to read more about it.

    • Yelly 29 April 2011 at 09:03 #

      Yes, but that’s exactly what I mean…why do you need a first, second and nth choice? Someone should rethink this. AV is a change, I agree. But I think they shouldn’t make a change just for the sake of change.

      • knotrune 29 April 2011 at 09:23 #

        Not for the sake of change perhaps, but if a system is outdated, broken and undemocratic as FPTP is then definitely any change in the direction of proportional representation is for the better! And what is wrong with having a second choice? I tend more towards thinking A and B are OK but C would be a disaster, for example. With AV I can vote for A and B and hope that makes it less likely C gets in.

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