Hurrah for me!

18 Apr

The Daily Post suggestion today was a question:  What do I want to achieve with my blog?

It had 3 guide questions:

  1. Identify 3 goals for the blog.
  2. Who are my readers?
  3. What do I offer the people who come to the blog?

Now, these are blog-related existentialist questions and requires deep thought.  I mean I had a general idea of what I wanted my blog to become but I’m not exactly sure I’m achieving that particular goal.  It’s about me, a Filipina, surviving the move to the UK.  It’s about me writing about my experiences.  It’s about me wallowing in my English experiences.

But this topic suggestion has made me think.  It’s made me think that my blog has got to grow up a bit more.  And growing up requires a more cerebral approach.  So I shall need to go away and do a lot of thinking about how I want my blogging to evolve.

Watch this space! 🙂

PS The blog title was “Hurrah for me!” because I have now caught up with my blogging and am completely up-to-date!  Again, I would like to thank everyone in the Daily Post because I’ve become a bit more structured and a lot more disciplined in my writing.  This is an excellent development!  Discipline is good, and I am beginning to enjoy challenging myself to keep writing everyday.


One Response to “Hurrah for me!”

  1. teacupandcake 18 April 2011 at 21:14 #

    Oh wow! That’s made me think too… I think I’m just sharing my take one life, experimenting with my writing and sharing my photos. Will look forward to your answers!

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