Second Purple Lady

13 Apr

My first lady of purple is my Tita Margie, who is my mom’s eldest sister.  And today, the second purple lady in my life is celebrating her birthday as well! 🙂  I call her my second purple lady because growing up, violet and purple were her favourite colours (nearly everything she had was in purple or violet!).  She was named after my Tita Margie, at least that’s how I remember it.  She was called Baby Margie when we were little.  At least I remember looking at our pictures and my Tita Migen referring to her as Baby Margie 🙂

When we were growing up, I would only see her in photos because they lived in Palawan.  But in 1983, after my uncle died, they moved to Manila.  I looked forward to summers when they would spend time with us.  I had a baby sister—this was before my Duckie was born—and that was truly wonderful to me.

She was always larger than life to me.  She knew what she want, and once she made her mind up, thing would just start happening.  She has inspired me to endeavor to be as strong and as driven in everything that I do.  She is this pint-sized dynamo who is always on the go.  And she is my superwoman personified.

To my dearest Beam, who is my steel magnolia, have a wonderfully blessed birthday!  May you be continually blessed with love, health and happiness.


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