2 Apr

One of my pet peeves is dog mess on pavements.  I’ve always said Harwich is a lovely town except that it’s ruined by all the irresponsible dog owners who lived here.   Nothing can ruin a lovely town more than dog mess on surfaces.  I’ve always said, if you can’t pick up after your dog, if you can’t discipline your dog, then you shouldn’t own a dog!  I’m sure this is a terrible sweeping generalisation, but most of the offenders are younger dog owners who should know better but don’t…or don’t care about other people’s surroundings.

Today, as we were walking back from doing spot grocery shopping we walked past Dovercourt park, I noticed this old couple allowing a dog to do his business on an area that was filled with tributes to this girl who had died on the very spot 2 years ago.  I was…very shocked to put it lightly.  The tree and a few shrubs around the area where a girl had died because as a result of being hit by a speeding car was decorated with ribbons, pictures, cards, candles and various tributes.  It was IMPOSSIBLE to miss, unless one was blind as a bat.  I couldn’t help but stare at this couple who let their dog just do its business in an area.  I just felt that it shockingly unacceptable.  While they may not know the girl who had died there, I don’t think I can ever understand why they couldn’t have just pulled their dog away from the area and allowed him to make a mess somewhere else, provided, of course, that they pick up after their animal.  I expected that sort of loutish behaviour from the hooligans who let their dog make a mess anywhere their animal takes their fancy, but not well-dressed middle-aged couples who seemed (seemed being the operative word!) to have more sense.

I would’ve thought that older people would have more sense, more respect for their surroundings.  I guess, in this case, I was mistaken.


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