Friday thoughts

18 Mar

I’m really not in the mood to be at work.  Am having trouble concentrating.  What I would give to be at home, in bed and under covers, reading a book!  Am still waiting for a caffeine hit…which I don’t think is forthcoming.  On my second cup now.  I know I didn’t buy decaf!

God save me from needy clients.  But then again, I should stop complaining.  Needy clients means work.  It’s important to have work during these challenging economic times!  Eeeks!  Concentrate, concentrate!

Seriously needing a pick-me-up! Must not look at twitter…d’oh!  Just did.  I wonder if I’ll get my Hummingbird Cake book today?

No inclination to finish my spreadsheet.  No inclination whatsoever.  And to top it all off, I’m munching through my lozenges like they were candy.  NOT GOOD!

Peeked at facebook and saw the cutest little baby, courtesy of one of my bessies Joanne and her cute darling of a baby Yanna.  Right.  Must concentrate on work.  Looking at it, in the span of 31 minutes, I’ve managed to not do too much.  Please God, let me get through today with a modicum of a sense of achievement! 😦

I love the hand lotion that’s on my desk.  It’s Cowshet and it’s the Wild Cow variety.  It’s uber invigorating (as it says on the bottle) and is made with the essential oils of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary.  Hmmm.  Reading that out loud just made me laugh.  My thoughts in Filipino: Amoy tanglad, luya at romero ako!  Translation:  I smell of lemongrass, ginger and rosemary.  Somehow it doesn’t sound as funny as it does in Filipino!  Right.  Concentrate, you dolt!

Oooooh Mr Postie is there!!! I wonder if my book has arrived!  And I wish the rain would stop!

Can’t wait to go and get the post (which won’t be till nearly 1PM today by the looks of things) so I can check if my book’s arrived 😀  Overexcited much?

I’m not working efficiently today.  Can’t seem to concentrate 😦  Maybe I am too tired.  My mind seems to be wandering too much!  Oooooh must remember to top up so I can give more to Red Nose Day tonight as no one seems to do it here!  Missing Kennedy House a lot because those ladies LOVE to fund raise!

Have just been told they might need my office because my phone has conference call capabilities.  Displaced!  Am displaced!

It has arrived!!!!  My Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days book, I mean 🙂  I’ve just scarfed down my potato salad!

Debating with myself now whether to cut my lunch hour short.  Might have to!

Cut my lunch hour short.  Had about half-an-hour.  Not so bad eh?  I woke up with a “weekend” state of mind I think.  Am finding it terribly difficult to concentrate!  And it’s still raining!  Where’s the sun that the east is supposed to have huh?!

Just had the most interesting discussion with my co-workers.  We’ve just decided to do a bake-off day!  No dates yet but am excited at the prospect! 😀  Right.  Am now surprisingly energised.  A lot of good that’s going to do really as it’s nearly 3PM!

So…where’s the sun???  It hasn’t stopped raining! 😦

There’s a chill in the air 😦  And I am not happy!  It should already be spring…the daffodils are out for goodness’ sake!

Oooooooh! Home time!  WEEKEND here I come!!!!

The internet was gone for a while and of course there was Red Nose day.  After a cold glass of Long Island iced tea, am off to beddy-byes.  G’night folks!

And have a great weekend everyone! 🙂


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