What I’m reading this week

15 Mar

I’ve started re-reading Philippa Gregory’s books.  I’ve just found out that I was wrong in thinking that I’d finished her Tudor series.  I’ve read A Constant Princess, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Boleyn Inheritance (which I just recently finished), The Virgin’s Lover, and The Queen’s Fool.  After looking through Philippa Gregory’s website, I’ve found out that are 2 other books in the series that I haven’t read: The Other Queen and The Wise Woman.  I must make a mental note to add them to my Kindle!  I’ve moved onto PG’s Plantagents series on the weekend just past and I’ve started rereading The White Queen (the hardcopy of which I got for Christmas in 2009) and The Red Queen is next on my to-read list.

Then I plan to finish reading The Discovery of Witches which has had very good reviews.  I know it’s horrible that I’ve started reading it and haven’t finished.  It’s very bizarre because I’ve got several books on the go at the moment.  Am still not done with Rachel Hore’s A Place Of Secrets and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender (this was my impulse buy at Waterstone’s—remind me never to enter that store again!  It’s far too tempting and books are a particular weakness!  I was talked into buying E.H. Gombrich’s A Little History of the World for £4.50!  In my ever-expanding booklist, when am I going to find the time to read that paricular tome!).

I do love the Tudors though, particularly the Boleyns.  I’ve read Alison Weir’s The Lady In The Tower: The Fall Of Anne Boleyn, but like all the Tudor books, I want to reread this again!

Hmmmm, I wonder, if I’ll be able to sleep with all this reading that I’ve got planned?



3 Responses to “What I’m reading this week”

  1. Nandini 16 March 2011 at 16:01 #

    I know reading is so wonderful and it is difficult to find time when you have got a whole lot of books. 😀

    Well, after reading your post I feel like there are zillions of books that I yet have to find and read. All of the books you have mentioned, I haven’t read. But would love to… someday. 🙂

    Have a nice time! It was good seeing you.

  2. Yelly 18 March 2011 at 15:32 #

    Oh do! 🙂 I enjoyed Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl way before the movie. Her books are well-written!

    Thanks for dropping by the blog as well! Mucho appreciated!

    • Nandini 18 March 2011 at 16:35 #

      I will sure 🙂

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