Missing out…

13 Mar

The downside to following your heart and reaching for your dreams is missing out.  If I start counting the things I’ve missed, well, there are loads.  I’ve missed weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, get-togethers, homecomings, you name it, I’ve most probably missed it.

One of my dearest friends has just celebrated her birthday, with her sister, who is also a dearest, giving her a wonderful birthday gift: her first niece.

I once read a tweet from someone who said that it was quite scary how people get used to your not being there.  And that hit me straight to the core.  If I’m completely honest, I worry about not being present in all the goings-on and being in the know at home.  I guess it’s an expressed or unspoken fear for everyone, being on the outside-looking-in in situations when you should be well and truly esconced in the “in” bit.  I worry about feeling like I’ve been usurped and displaced.  I mean, that’s what happens when you move away, right?  You leave a space and someone else fills it.  It’s a law of physics or something.

But then, I am reassured that what is important is the relationship that people have with each other.  Where time and space don’t exist.  It’s the foundations of the relationships that are important.  It’s that foundation, that creates the comfort when you see people again, after you haven’t seen them for ages.  And suddenly, it’s like you were never away.

It’s quite right to value those who’ve stayed with you through the years.  But it’s even more important to value those who will still be there with you when you come back.


4 Responses to “Missing out…”

  1. liannouwen 13 March 2011 at 12:30 #

    Such beautiful words! I can’t really imagine what it feels like being away from family and friends but I hope for you it’s worth it!

    Love the new style of your blog by the way!

    • Yelly 13 March 2011 at 12:36 #

      Hurrah! I love it the new theme too! Was a bit worried about the pinkness but I couldn’t NOT change it to this one!

      Following one’s dreams is ALWAYS worth it. Am a firm believer in testing one’s boundaries 🙂 If the boundaries expand, you’re meant to explore them!

  2. tinkerbelle86 13 March 2011 at 14:31 #

    sorry you are so far away from home, but London will change your life 🙂

    • Yelly 13 March 2011 at 17:30 #

      awww bless! thanks very much! I know that everything will work out for the better! 🙂

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