The Great Japanese Quake

11 Mar

Am still at home.  I still have a fever and I think whatever it is that I have, it’s a little like a flu because of these symptoms: fever, chills, an unsettled tummy, and very painful joints (of course the joints might just be chalked to old age).

I find that I can’t move from where I am at the moment: stuck on the couch.  I woke up to news from Twitter about an earthquake in Japan.  It was all seemingly surreal so the TV was switched on.  And the images are, in a word, horrific.  The quake apparently measured 8.9 on the Richter scale.  On CNN, they showed the path that the tsunami was taking.  It was horrible: dark murky mud, with a lot of debris, and something in the debris was on fire!  I was afraid for the people driving on the streets that was in the path of the wave of water driving inland.  I mean, I wanted to shout at them to drive faster but they wouldn’t hear me of course.

About half an hour later, it was said that tsunami alerts were raised in the areas in the Pacific Rim and it included the Philippines.  I called my mom and funnily enough, they hadn’t heard about the tsunami and earthquake that had hit Japan.  Granted, she was in the office but they hadn’t heard yet.

It’s after 11:00 in the UK.  The tsunami was predicted to have hit the Philippines between 10:00 and 11:00 GMT.  I’m hoping that because it hasn’t been on the news (I’ve been flipping between Sky News, the Beeb and CNN for nearly 4 hours now), that the Philippines is in the clear.  Of course, with nature, one cannot be certain.  But in this case, no news, is certainly excellent news.

On another note, God bless the internet, email, Twitter and Facebook.  It’s blow-by-blow information that leads to a lot less worrying for me.

I should be in bed.  Going now…in a few minutes, I guess.


One Response to “The Great Japanese Quake”

  1. nictoki 11 March 2011 at 11:23 #

    I watched the video you are referring to and was thinking the exact same thing. There were cars on the road just meters away from this way swarming inland and some cars were still turning around. How unbelievable.

    I’m wishing the best of luck to everyone who has been and may be affected by this devastating event.

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