Thank God For Popcorn!

11 Mar

I can’t keep anything down.  I thought that I had at least 2 things I could keep down: popcorn and chocolate chip cookies.  Chocolate chip cookies have abandoned me and my stomach.  They refuse to stay down.  So now, it’s only popcorn.  If it weren’t for popcorn I’d have nothing inside my stomach!

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Popcorn – Jeronimo’s Weblog

On another food note, last weekend, while looking at the goodies on the shelves in the Filipino store in Colchester, I found a can of corned beef labeled “corned beef, Filipino style”.  And I was excitedly ecstatic.  I was hoping it was going to be similar to the Purefoods corned beef that I missed so much.  So I grabbed it, paid for it and went home.

Because I couldn’t seem to entice my stomach to keep anything down, I thought I’d cook something which might encourage my tastebuds to speak to my stomach and convince it to keep the food until the rest of my body managed to wring it of the nutrients which I think I need to get better.  So I thought, I have garlic, onions and tomatoes and that wonderful can of Filipino-style corned beef.  I’ll cook that and maybe my stomach will be kind to me.

I was disappointed though.  The corned beef is NOTHING like the Purefoods one that I so desperately miss.  According to gossip gleaned from the Filipino store, the person importing Purefoods corned beef into the UK had a bit of a tiff with their contact in the Philippines.  From a Filipino terribly missing the product, for the love of God and all things Purefoods, please kiss and make up and send some corned beef over, s’il vous plait!


2 Responses to “Thank God For Popcorn!”

  1. Narendra 11 March 2011 at 17:29 #

    Hey…u were not feeling well right 😛
    and now u eating an entire cow…OMG
    [ glad to know u fit n fine ]

    • Yelly 11 March 2011 at 18:40 #

      Eeeek! What entire cow?!? It was about 4 spoons of rice and corned beef 😦 and I didn’t manage to keep that down either 😦

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