1 Mar

I woke up at 1AM wanting a drink.  I usually have a bottle of water somewhere near me, but as I groped in the dark, my fingers never came into contact with my water bottle.  So I lumbered somnambulistically to the kitchen slapping at the light switch on my way out of the bedroom which I noticed, even in my sleepy state, was strangely more cold than usual.  I jerked awake after that.  After now trying at the light switch properly, I came to the (very vocal) conclusion that there was a power outage.  I didn’t really want to get risk getting soaked, even though I was really thirsty, so I went back to bed.  I told myself that when I wake up at the usual time, I’d be able to get a drink in relative comfort.

I was wrong though.  When I woke up before my 6AM alarm (I think I was absolutely parched!) I tried the light switch again.  Nothing happened!  In that split second, I started worrying about fuses, the food in the freezer and about the fact that I wouldn’t be able to wash my hair today!

Apparently, the power cut was caused by a fault in an underground supply cable, or so the power supplier says.

Amazing how much we rely on electricity eh?

And a brilliant start to March this is!


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