Foxcroft and Ginger

26 Feb

My feet were killing me.  Absolutely killing me!  We were walking around Soho trying to find NY Deli, which, according to reviews had the best pastrami sandwiches this side of the Atlantic.  If I couldn’t go to Katz’ in New York at least London had NY Deli.  But we couldn’t find it.  So we decided to go to Gelupo on Archer Street.  I could already feel the cool comfort of their slightly overtall stools, I could already hear the quiet strains of jazz music floating in the air and I could already taste the straciatella and nutella gelato that I was going to get a scoop each of.  But we got to Gelupo and it was PACKED!  Gone were the days when we would pop in on a Saturday afternoon and the store would be quiet and we could taste all the gelato we wanted until we could decide which combination to get.  There were people at the counter and even more people in the food shop area.  So, Alan and I decided to walk to…somewhere else…anywhere else really.  Even Snog was packed (I think it’s become even more popular because it was mentionend in a newspaper article that Princess-to-be Kate Middleton loves Snog and wants to include it in the wedding luncheon menu, or something like that–Snog is a frozen yogurt place)!

So we decide to go to Foxcroft and Ginger.  Alan asked me where I’d read about the restaurant, and I said it was recommended by The London Foodie.  It wasn’t too hard to find (considering that my feet were in agony, it was a relatively quick walk from where we were).  It was where the Berwick Market was, on Berwick.  I didn’t stop to take a picture of the front of the shop because I was desperate for somewhere to sit.  We ordered a capuccino, a fizzy mandarin and ginger something or other (I forget the brand), a Chelsea bun (similar to a cinnamon roll, minus the sticky syrup) and sweet french toast.  After our order was taken and I was handed a glass and my drink, we were given this tiny canvas with our table number written on it.  I found it quite quirky (I couldn’t coo too much about it at the time because I desperately wanted somewhere to sit down!).  

We couldn’t find a spot on the main floor so we went downstairs into the basement to see if we could find somewhere else.  The place was packed too and I was this close to crying because I didn’t think my feet would survive another journey, plus we’d already paid for our food!  This lovely couple offered to share with us the table that they had (may they be blessed a thousandfold!).

After I had a chance to pour myself some of my drink and lift my weight off my poor feet, I began to take in the atmosphere, and hear the thump-thump of the music.  The place was packed but the atmosphere was very relaxed, it was exactly what I needed.  Alan’s capuccino arrived in this lovely china cup and saucer and this was when I noticed that every table had a container of demerara sugar for people to help themselves to.  I

My sweet french toast arrived next and it was HUGE!  There were about 3 slices of french toast slathered with cream, raspberry jam and yummy banana!  I loved it because it wasn’t overly sweet.  Alan’s Chelsea bun was the best though.  It had enough cinnamon sweetness without it being a danger to my blood glucose level.

We’re definitely going back!


One Response to “Foxcroft and Ginger”

  1. liannouwen 28 February 2011 at 12:32 #

    Ugh, I hate it when all places are so crowded there’s no more space for to sit down. Especially when I’m so looking forward to eat what that particular place serves! And even more when my feet hurt that bad. Glad you still found a nice place!

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