The daily commute: An Epilogue

25 Feb

I am writing because I’m venting.  I was absolutely livid earlier on the train, but I managed to hold my anger in.  If thoughts could kill, one of the Chatty Ladies, who shall now and forever be known as Lady Tosser (pun VERY much intended!) would be dead and cremated right now.  I should rein in the anger really because people like that are not worth any felony, mental or otherwise (I say mental because Ate Edna, who was our bible study leader in VCF always used to remind us that if we thought ill of other people, we were already committing murder.  And I was certainly committing murder at the time.  I am mortified that I’ve allowed someone to get the better of me!).

It makes me so mad to even remember what she did.  Now, I will admit that our mistake was to place our bag on the seat across from us so that we could sit down in relative comfort.  The seat was empty and the seat USUALLY stays empty, hence the bag on the seat.

Anyway, Lady Tosser gets on the train, and without so much as a by your leave, tosses our bag to the side and sits down on the seat.  I was shocked!  And then I was livid.  I have never been so absolutely infuriated by an absolute stranger.  And they say the British are polite and civilised individuals.  There will always be exceptions and Lady Tosser is the absolute exception to this rule.  She never even looked at us!  She just settles herself down, opens her paper and just reads.  Like we weren’t there.  And sorry, I’m going to put the race card on the table, but did she ignore us because we were Asian and we weren’t worth talking to?!?

Argh!  It’s getting to me again.  I should not let rude, uncivilised neanderthals get to me.  SHE IS NOT WORTH IT!


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