Back to normality?

21 Feb

After the excitement of my first ever blog giveaway, my pseudo essay about EDSA and about the London bus driver who went to Manila to learn how to drive a jeep, I feel like I’m coming back down to earth (with a bump after a few realisations hitting me—I am so blessed to live the life I’m living and I have no right to complain when things get tough because I am living a life that some people will only dream of!).

It’ a Monday, and after I had 3 days off (I took Friday off so I could get my hair done), I’ve come home from work absolutely shattered.  I feel like I’ve been run absolutely ragged.  But I guess that’s par for the course for a Monday.  It’s sauteed eggplant on rice tonight.  Comfort food galore!

I don’t have anything smart to say today so I’ll leave things at that.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something scintillating to write about (yeah right! as if anything remotely exciting really happens to me! HA!).


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