Tuesday thoughts

15 Feb

Is it bad to want this day to be finished?

It is a decidedly gloomy day!  I had hopes for today because as I was getting ready this morning, the weather person said it was going to be a fine day.  I think she read the teleprompter wrong because it was going to be a day with FINE rain!  It’s been mostly cloudy and mostly gray today.

I think my subconscious was wishing for a better day because I’ve been exhausted.  Friday I had a huge mail out to finish.  Over 550 letters to put into envelopes!  I started the job in the afternoon of Thursday.  Our stuffing machine — before I started working for this office, I never knew there were envelope stuffing machines! — doesn’t use the envelopes that I was using.  And unfortunately, these were the only acceptable envelopes I had for this particular client.  I couldn’t very well send out one-page letters in C4 sized envelopes now, could I?  Well, you’d probably say, I could, but that option wouldn’t be very cost effective OR eco-friendly.

Yesterday, I had another mail-out to deal with.  Nothing so toxic as the one on Friday, but still, when one has to print, fold and stuff envelopes on one’s own, well, it can be tiring.  I could start complaining about this particular assignment, but it’s over and done with and whining about it would be moot and academic (it’s not my job to stuff envelopes though, but I shall stop whining now!).

And they say Karma is instantaneous!  I should’ve stopped whining!  Right after I said I would stop whining, I reached out to get my cup of coffee, my hand missed the cup and coffee spread all over my desk!

I am listening to the Universe.  I will stop whining and focus on the fact that I am blessed to be where I want to be, I have a job that I enjoy, I am, for the most part, healthy,  I don’t necessarily want for anything material and what I do want, I can, eventually get, and I have love in my life.


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