Beam me up!

4 Feb

When teleportation is finally possible, the first place I’m getting beamed to is HOME!

It would be wonderful, being able to travel that way.  A traveller wouldn’t have to deal with making sure they were at the airport 2 hours prior to the flight, there wouldn’t be any baggage allowance issues (I’m assuming your things get teleported with you, provided that you were holding them?), you wouldn’t have to carry a passport (I’m assuming that the app that’s in your phone will have all the pertinent visa information required since most countries and most visas issued are moving into the biometric system), you wouldn’t have to suffer long-haul flights and you could be anywhere you wanted to be in a blink of an eye (provided of course that you have the necessary permissions to BE there!)!

I would love to go home as often as possible…teleporting would mean I wouldn’t miss my mom’s cooking (kare-kare, caldereta, pancit, lutong intsik [which I think might be something like an asian braised pork thing] callos…mmm-mmm good!) as much, my dad’s suman and his conversations (I love talking to my dad and sometimes our weekly chats aren’t enough these days.  I’d love to have his opinion on loads of things!), I’d be able to tease my brother about his personal dictionary ALL the time and I can be with my baby sister Duckie and she can laugh at my jokes until she starts wheezing (the wheezing bit I don’t like, but the fact that she laughs at most of my jokes is adorable—and is quite good for my ego! haha!).  If I won the lottery, I might even consider going back home for good! 🙂

That is the trouble with moving too far away from home.  But following your heart and making your dreams come true does come at a price.

To all the boffins out there, hurry up and figure out that teleporting thing will you, s’il vous plait?  A lot of people living away from home will be eternally grateful! 🙂


One Response to “Beam me up!”

  1. Narendra 5 February 2011 at 04:20 #


    Chk out Cisco’s 3D telepresence…nowhere close to teleporting but yes, exciting enough

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