Pick up after your dog!!!

1 Feb

A pox on the owner (or owners) of the dog who pooped right next to the steps leading up to the flat!

A pox on the owners and the dog walkers of the dog who poops on my dad’s front lawn.

The whole point of walking your dog so it can do the deed is so that the dog can relieve itself responsibly.  There’s that caveat: RESPONSIBLY.  And since a dog can’t tell where it’s acceptable to relieve itself, it falls on the owner to make sure the dog does the deed properly.  According to Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 (which has repealed the Dogs [Fouling of Land] Act 1996, and I quote: “…The responsibility for cleaning up dog fouling is ultimately the owner or handler of the dog.”  And according to the Tendring District Council “[Y]ou can be issued with a fixed penalty notice, currently £50.00, if you are witnessed not clearing up after your dog or you can be taken to court and face a fine of up to £1,000.”

I am sorely tempted to lie in wait and photograph whoever has their dog doing the nasty on the little bit of lawn in front of our block of flats!  You don’t deserve to have a dog if you can’t pick up after it!!!

I did find the Directgov page on this particular subject very informative.

So beware you foul and irresponsible dog owner you!



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