Lazy Saturdays

22 Jan

There’s something to be said about Saturdays where you don’t have to do anything (housework-optional situations).  TV switched on and one can mindlessly listen to the news (although that being said, I always stop to whisper a prayer for Jo Yeates’ loved ones whenever news about her is read out.  What’s happened to her is just horrible!), or listen to Jack Johnson, or curl up in bed and read a book (am rereading Philippa Gregory’s Boleyn Inheritance at the moment, what are you reading?).  It’s a Jack-Johnson-Banana-Pancakes-Day!!!  And, if you haven’t heard that particular song, go on Google and search for Jack Johnson Banana Pancakes 🙂

God bless lazy Saturdays! 🙂


6 Responses to “Lazy Saturdays”

  1. Narendra 22 January 2011 at 10:36 #

    Books…more yaaawnnnnnns
    News….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz zzzzz

    As of me, am reading your blog..will look for more posts..happy weekend

  2. Liz 22 January 2011 at 16:55 #

    i love lazy saturdays! 🙂 i’m about to read a new book, Meg Cabot’s Queen of the Babble.

  3. Yelly 22 January 2011 at 18:40 #

    LOL I hope the blog doesn’t make you yawn tho Narendra!

    Happy reading Liz 🙂

  4. Narendra 22 January 2011 at 18:46 #

    No way Yelly… yaaawwwnnnnnnnnn
    Love your blog… yaaaawwnnnnn
    Love all….love sleep as well

  5. Yelly 22 January 2011 at 19:03 #

    Hahaha! Bless! Thanks again and sleep well! 🙂

  6. Layla 25 January 2011 at 14:53 #

    buhay mantika, is this it?

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