Needing the quiet

21 Jan

I woke up this morning with the can’t-I-just-stay-in-bed-today feeling.  I wanted to just take things slowly and wake up after an extended snooze.  It wasn’t possible today though because there were so many things that were on my to-do list.  I had to make arrangements for a conference call for one of our clients for next week (but I had to test the system out today to make sure there wouldn’t be any snags), book tickets for a trip I’m taking on Monday and make a dent in the massive to-do list that I had on my desk.

I was hoping for a quiet journey to work so that I could slowly ease myself into my Friday.  The train ride was quiet enough and companionable silence was a blessing!  The bus ride however, was another matter.  I’ve noticed that people seem to yell into their mobile phones.  I was tempted this morning to turn around and tell this girl who was seated behind me that if she found the rumbling bus loud, she should just tell the person she was talking to that she would call them back.  I mean I would do that.  But several things occured to me: (1) I didn’t want to pick a fight on a bus; (2) I probably would feel differently if I was told that the phone call was from somewhere overseas (didn’t sound like it, I wasn’t eavesdropping on the conversation, mind! I had no choice in the matter); and (3) it’s a Friday and I knew the day was going to be stressful enough without allowing myself to be irked into picking a fight!

When I got to work, there was blessed quiet.  Until it was time to start working.  Sometimes I miss having a small area all to myself.  Some people do not appreciate the idea of companionable silence.  There are days when the chatter is entertaining, but there are days when it gets really old, really quickly.  There is only so much swearing I can tolerate.  Some people need to understand the concept that silence is necessary for productivity.  Clearly today, someone in the office didn’t.

But it’s quiet right now.  THANK GOD!

Sometimes it’s just necessary to be quiet.  It’s not always necessary to say out loud what one thinks. Audible verbal diarrhea isn’t always funny.

Or maybe, I’m getting ornery in my old age!


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