Bus trials and tribulations

13 Jan

With that Metro article firmly in my mind, I wanted to avoid complaining today.  But I can’t really.  It needs to be said.

I am peeved with the First Bus Essex service.  Peeved might be an understatement, really.  The bus services shouldn’t be called a bus service.  It’s a bus disservice!  I remember waiting for the #61 bus for over an hour on 2 separate occasions.

I take the #61 bus and it’s either late or it doesn’t turn up.  Granted that I pay for a plus bus ticket, which probably is highly discounted, but I think the fact that I pay for the bus service means I should be able to rely on it.  The fact of the matter is, I CAN’T.

Their customer service is atrocious.  You send an email, they say they will reply to it in 10 business days.  How is that supposed to help me when, during the Christmas Holidays, they changed their bus service schedules and I can’t find the bus service schedule on their website?  I sent them an email and I get told that I will receive a response in 10 business days.  Christmas would’ve been over by then and the regular service would’ve resumed.  Mind you, it’s been more than 10 business days since I sent that email and I haven’t received a reply back.

And it seems that the telephone service that they have does not communicate with the actual bus service!

I’m irritated because I used to work in customer service and this is just horrible!

I wonder if there was somewhere else I can send my complaints to!


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