God bless technology!

9 Jan

I’ve just finished talking to my parents via Yahoo video chat.  While it is one-sided because I don’t have a webcam (my laptop doesn’t have one built-in and I haven’t really made a conscious effort to actually buy one), it is wonderful to get to see them and see their reactions and their smiles.  It helps stave off the homesickness and it helps me stay connected.

I remember the time when we didn’t even have a landline.  We lived in an area of Quezon City that PLDT (the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, which was, at the time, the only telephone service provider in the country!) hadn’t quite reached yet.  Our closest neighbour and one of my dearest friends Jo and I attempted to communicate via intercom–she had one unit at theirs and I had one unit at ours.  It sort of worked, but it mostly didn’t.  When we finally had a landline (courtesy of BayanTel–20 years after we first put in our application for a PLDT landline!!!), the landline was then replaced by the mobile phone and text messaging.

Then we got internet.  I can’t even remember which company it was.  But I remember you had to install software so that you could connect to the internet.  Once we had internet, well, we were exposed to the World Wide Web!  You had all sorts of things like emails (I created my first account on Yahoo!),  instant messaging (I remember AOL IM was the first one I tried, then MSN Messenger then Yahoo Messenger, which my entire family uses now).  Let’s not get into the techie hardware as I don’t think I’d qualify enough to talk about my iPhone, laptop and, this is a recent addition, my Kindle!

I don’t know what I’d do without the internet and all the lovely gadgets that I have.  Technology seems to have become quite the necessity.  I can still remember the days when my nicest pieces of kit was portable typewriter (courtesy of my Uncle Wawell) and a Commodore 64 computer!  There are days when I wish it was still possible to survive without the techie bits.  But these days are few and far between.  I am thankful there is the technology to keep in touch with my family on a daily basis.

God bless technology and all the techie people who create all these wonderful techie things! 🙂


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