Taking a REALLY big step!

3 Jan

Procrastination strikes again!!!  And this early in 2011!

I’m writing a quick post to tell everyone that I missed a day already.  How said is that?!?  This is supposed to be a post for Day 3 and I’ve already missed a day 😦  EPIC FAIL!  It’s not because I’m lacking inspiration.  There’s always something to write about.  My excuse, not acceptable  at all, but it is what it is, I wasn’t feeling well and I really had a lot of ironing to catch up on.  It built up during the holiday season and I was really not willing to do any chores.

I’m seriously determined to write something in the blog everyday.  But I’m going to seriously need encouragement. I remember feeling like I bit off more than I can chew after I said I’d post something everyday.  But I know that taking (big) baby steps is the way to achieve things.

One day at a time!


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