My EPL Countries

1 Jan

My father has always encouraged us to travel while and when we can.  I guess it’s because he knew that it would have a great impact on our way of thinking, that it would broaden our experiences and open our minds to a different way of living life.

I always wanted to grow up and have the same experiences that my father had.  He went to so many countries!  He’s been to Austria, the States, Israel, Belgium, Japan, Yugoslavia (when it was still called that, they’ve since decided to break up haven’t they?), China, Malaysia, Korea, Thailand, Portugal, Brazil, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, and France and I’m sure I might have missed other countries because he’s been EVERYWHERE.  He’s never had to really pay for the tickets himself because his work took him everywhere (he’s a geneticist, if anyone wants to know) and people invited him to speak at conferences and training sessions.  I wanted to do that!  I wanted to travel—not be a geneticist.  But let me tell you, I spent enough time in his lab during the summers to value science and to have a deep respect of the importance of understanding the sciences of life!

My father travelled to a country in 1985 that made the most impact in my life.  He travelled to England.  He brought home books and story tapes that made me want to go to this country with this very interesting way of speaking English (one of the records that I used to listen to when I was little was a recorded reading of Snow White.  my parents, after hearing me mimic the way the evil queen say “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” in a British accent made me say it to everyone at most of the parties that we went to.  And at 9 years old, I was aware enough of everything to be mortified!  you can probably start calling me Sideshow Evie because at the time, that was how I felt!  I felt like such an oddity!).   I wanted to see Oxford, see more of Peter Rabbit and visit the country where Princess Diana lived.  It was the things that he brought back that turned me into an anglophile.  If my dad curses the day I moved to England, he has only himself to blame!

I’ve always wanted to be in England.  I’ve always wanted to be surrounded by so much history.  So living here is quite the dream come true.  Not everyone can say that they’re living their dream.  I am.

But now, I’ve allowed myself to dream a little more.  If I can achieve my dream of dreams, then I know I can achieve anything I set my mind to.  After reading Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat, Pray, Love, I am now ready to broaden my travel horizons a little bit further.

While England is the country of my dreams, I would like to go to Japan because I love the food!  I want to just soak up the culture and enjoy the Japanese food!  I can’t make sushi…yet.  But Japan is the place I would like to go to eat.

I would still want to be in England to pray.  The churches in this country are fabulously spiritual.  You can just sit and feel the journeys of faith the people who worshipped in years past have gone through.  To know that a lot of people had to fight to keep their faith in the churches adds to the atmosphere.  I’ve never entered a church in England where I felt completely creeped out.

To love, I want to go to Italy!  I want to go to see the Spanish Steps.  I want to go to the Piazza San Marco.  And after seeing it in the movie Letters to Juliet, I want to see Casa di Giulietta.  I just want to sit in a small cafe in Italy and just soak up the romantic air (and not die of bronchitis or pneumonia!).  I want to see if it’s true that Italian men really do girl-watching as unabashedly as people describe it or if that is just another Italian cliche.


One Response to “My EPL Countries”

  1. Liz 1 January 2011 at 11:09 #

    i would love to go to England and Italy. Those are part of my must go to places when I get the chance to travel to Europe. the way you describe England… gosh! only strengthens my desire to go there.

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