Prevaricating about looking back

31 Dec

It’s New Year’s Eve Day and I’m at work.  I’ve got several things on my list of things to do.  But today, I find that my mind finds it hard to focus on the tasks at hand (I wonder if there’s such a thing as a mind leash–you know, those baby cords that parents put on the their children so when the child wanders, they tug and the child almost snaps back?  I need one of those for my brain today!).  I’ve got one major project that I’ve been putting off.  Me being the great procrastinator—I think it’s a genetic but that’s just me 🙂

I’ve been looking at Facebook (wandering agent #1) and everyone is posting these amazing look back at 2010 status updates.  I’ve got nothing really to say for myself.  I ask myself what I’ve accomplished this year and I sit there and wonder.  All I’ve done really is work and hike up my blood sugar levels!  That’s not really good now is it?

Another new year is waiting in the wings, waiting for the nearly old one to exit stage left (don’t ask me why but I suddenly have this vision of 2011 jumping up and down behind the Live at the Apollo sign waiting for it to lift so it can make its entrance! Bizarre!).  It’s my third new year away from home.  And the excitement of spending the holidays away from home has well and truly faded.  I find that I am craving the noise and chaos that only being surrounded by my friends and family can create.  I truly miss that.

I am going to write my resolutions this year.  My smart goals.  I am going to write them down and place “due by” dates on them.  Really.  If I can do this for things here at work and tick off the things I’ve achieved, well, I can certainly do it for my life, surely my life is more important than work, eh?

And I will start by not procrastinating on my archiving project at work!  I won’t finish it, definitely.  But I can certainly finish at least one more ledger to archive today!



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