Writing things down

30 Dec

I’m a person who likes to write down things.  I’m forever wanting to scribble something down.  When I was younger, I used to have my diary with me all the time.  Just in case I wanted to write something down, to work out what I was feeling or thinking.

I’d like to think that my handwriting is better than average.  I owe my handwriting to summers spent with my Lola Gening, who stressed that writing in cursive should be done neatly with even-sized letters.  My handwriting may not be as beautiful as my Lolo Isiong’s but I think my Lola Gening would be proud of my penmanship!

As the year draws to a close, I am debating whether I should get a small planner or a filofax.  I’m wondering if I need one.  I mean if I need a planner, with a calendar that reminds me to do things, then that’s what my iPhone does.  If I want to write down my thoughts, that’s what my blog and Twitter is for, and I have a WordPress app that lets me blog on the go.  Everything seems to be so…digital these days.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s great because it’s much easier to share things with my relatives in the Philippines this way.

There is a satisfaction with writing things down though.  Every morning, after I get in, I still sit down, open my notebook to a fresh page and write down my things to do.  There’s something purposeful about physically writing things down and not punching down the letters on a keyboard.  Or maybe I’m just old-fashioned.  Plus, I do like looking at my handwriting when it’s nice and neat and tidy.

While there are pros to getting a planner, there are also cons.  I forget about the planner or misplace it sometimes.  And I’m trying to simplify my life and downsize.  Carrying a planner will only make my bag heavier.  I’m ecstatic that I’ve got a Kindle because now, I don’t have to lug books around!  And the 64-million dollar question is, will I actually write things down on a planner EVERY SINGLE DAY?  Because I know myself well enough, somehow I doubt it.  I start well, but I falter towards the end and then I pick things up again.  Getting a planner (and I’m not talking about something from Poundland here!) requires a commitment and a steadfast devotion to chronicling things.  I mean how else would you justify spending more than £20 on something you write on and then replace at the end of the calendar year?

So, if you were in my shoes, should I get a planner?


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