Slow day

16 Dec

It’s a desperately slow day today.  We’re helping Customer Services process journal renewals but I’ve done my share.  There are still quite a few but I’m pacing myself and I’m going to pick them up tomorrow just in case I manage to accomplish everything that’s on my to-do list (which will be a likely event as I’ve got….only 3 items on the list!).

Apparently there will be another smattering (this might be an understatement, if the amount of snow we got a few weeks ago is to be considered!) of snow on the cards for the southeast.  I’m not looking forward to it, having had my first mini-accident a few weeks back.  I haven’t purchased the wellies yet!  I saw the ones I wanted but did not manage to get them!  Yes, I can be flaky and very forgetful!

…and suddenly my thoughts turn to having a nice, hot cornish pasty!  Yum!

I’m making myself laugh at the quick change of direction of my thoughts!  Didn’t I say flaky?


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