Trips and falls and all things clumsy

3 Dec

I am a klutz with a capital K!

I slipped on an patch of icy pavement this morning and my knee hurts.  What I’m worried about is that it’s the same knee that I did damage to a year ago when I slipped and fell and hurt my knee (to be honest, it was probably my fault for wearing silly heels!).

I knew that the roads were treacherous and I had near-slips on the way bridge that I cross.  After walking down the stairs from the bridge, I was thinking, “yay! nearly there!”  Then I felt like my nose was running so while I was walking I was rummaging through my bag for a packet of tissues that I knew was in there (somewhere).  And before I knew it, I was on my back!  There was little time for me to really dwell on anything else as the train was coming and the trek to the station still had to be accomplished!  I think I hurt my pride more than anything else.  My knee is probably feeling a tiny bit bruised.  I’m not looking forward to looking at it tonight to see if it is bruised.

But I did manage to catch the train and I did manage to get to work (unlike yesterday, where I couldn’t get to the office–as far as my travel was concerned, there were no buses and no taxis that would take me to the office!  That’s another blog entry though!) relatively unscathed.

I wish Mother Nature would stop the icy cold weather now.  Britain’s had enough snow now, thank you very much!


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