Updates! Updates!

29 Nov

As bloggers go, I am probably one of the worst.  It’s not that I can’t post.  I’m just lazy.  I have an app on my phone so I can post on the go and I can always post when I can go online.  I’ve just been…well…lazy.

I was really ill the week after my last post.  I’m only just recovering and I’ve still got a lingering cough which has caused my voice to come and go.  I’m hoping I can get over this soon enough as I feel that my life is on hold until I’m well.  My gauge for being really ill is whether I have the desire to go online.  And the whole week I was ill, Facebook and Twitter held no therapeutic appeal.  I mostly just want to lie down.

I’ve missed so much!  I haven’t been to see the new Harry Potter film yet.  That’s another reason to avoid Facebook as it might be possible that my friends might post spoilers…although it’s not as if I don’t know what’s in the movie as I have read the book!

My Christmas shopping is nearly non-existent!  I have barely a month left!  I’m just glad my Manila gifts have been delivered!  That’s a weight off my shoulders!

I have 2 other entries to write so am going to try to strike while the iron is hot!


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