29 Nov

The holidays always get to me.

One reason I don’t go on Facebook as often around these dates is that I feel the little green monster called Envy creep up and bite me on the backside.  Most of the people I know who are also overseas are back in Manila to spend the Christmas holidays.  I want to be home as well!!!  If I were Dorothy Gale and I had the ruby slippers, I’d be clicking my heels away and wishing that I was home too!

Christmas is so different in the Philippines.  But I think what makes Christmas is the feeling of belonging that is always present because you are with family and friends.  I don’t mind the stress that comes with being too busy at Christmas.  Because all that hyperactivity on the run up to the big day is worth it.

I keep telling myself that soon I can do Christmas at home too.  Soon and very soon!  Fingers crossed!


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