Writing for the sake of it

19 Nov

I read somewhere (probably on Twitter) that a wannabe writer should always write.

I’ve been absolutely remiss about all my writing projects and am taking myself to task.  Starting with the blogging.  I haven’t written anything in over a week!  My last entry was on 11 November.  I was making excuses in my head, that I wasn’t feeling well, that I was busy, blah, blah, blah.  But if I can find time to tweet, I can find time to write my thoughts!

So here I am.  Writing for the sake of it and exercising my writing muscles.  I really want to start writing the way I used to.  I was terribly busy then, and I found a way to write nearly every single day.  I can do that again.  As long as I stay committed and I work hard at it!

More lucid thoughts soon!


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