11 Nov

I have arachnophobia.  And it’s no joke.  I seriously cannot stand any kind of spider.  It doesn’t matter to me how big, small, fat or thin the spider is.  A spider is a spider is a spider.  Dead or alive.  I’m getting the heebee-jeebees just thinking about them.

Why did this come up, you might want to know (or might NOT want to know if you’ve got arachnophobia too)?  I had to store something in the bottom shelf of my lockable file cabinet and I was horrified to find something that looked very much like a dead spider.  I didn’t want anyone screaming the way I would if I’d discovered anything closely resembling an arachnid clinging to anything of mine.  Inwardly screaming bloody murder, I grabbed a used shopping bag to glove my hand with and I got a paper towel and grabbed the dead carcass.  It wasn’t a dead spider!  It was the exoskeleton of a spider that’s gotten bigger.

I am now having panic attacks knowing that there is a large-ish spider creepy-crawlying it’s way around my office!!!


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