Channeling Darth Vader

5 Nov

I remember being told to breathe through one’s nose when one is having difficulty breathing (“one” talk makes me feel like I’m channeling The Queen!).  It does work and it does help when I have difficulty breathing.  I don’t have asthma, but sometimes when the air is thick with dust or pollen, it helps when someone actually tells me to breathe through my nose and breathe deeply and slowly.

We had the intruder alarms at work checked today .

I was dreading it because I knew the engineer would set off the alarms several times to test it.  I had a pounding headache at the time, so I really could’ve done without the noise 😦  The thing is, when I’m unwell, I’m generally irritable (I can be bitchy) and will pick on anything (again, bitchy).  I am, however, blessed with a healthy dose of self-preservation, so, even if I’m really, really irritated with someone, something inside me still stops me from picking a fight (unless of course I’m comfortable with you, and,  I’m ashamed to say members of my family have been victims of my irritability!  Soweeeee!).

So there I was suffering in silence, while the security alarm engineer set off the intruder alarm over and over (and over and over…) again.  Now there must’ve been a good explanation for it.  He was probably just being thorough (or a sadist!)  But apart from the constant alarm tripping, the man was having a hard time breathing through his nose.  I had to look up when he first walked into the hallway (YES! the hallway!!!) because I could HEAR him breathing even before I saw him!

So there I was, trying to concentrate on writing a report while the engineer went along fixing our alarms (accompanied by the requisite clatters and bangs and thuds and the irritating occasional annoyingly loud beeping of the intruder alarm).  Now, I’m grateful he’s come to fix the alarms (on the one hand, he should do as we do pay his firm enough money to fix these things!), but there several times when I had to bite my tongue really hard to stop myself from shouting at him to shut his mouth and breathe through his nose.  It was like I was this unwilling participant in telephone conversation with a heavy breather!  I wanted to tell him to stop channeling Darth Vader!

He managed to finish before I completely lost it (bless him!).  Apparently he has to come back to check the alarm system again next week.  He said that he has to bring another engineer with him because the repairs will apparently take two men to finish.  My first thought was, “Oh gawd, is he bringing Luke Skywalker with him?”

Yay!  It’s nearly home time now and I’ve been able to rant.  Irritation over!

Hopefully he just has a cold and it’ll go away and won’t be doing a Darth Vader impression when he returns with his sidekick next week!  Otherwise, I might just have to invest in earplugs!


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