Murphy's Law Days

13 Oct

I always wake up looking forward to the day.  Even when I wake up with a migraine — pretty much like this morning.  I was happy to get up, and am proud to say that I got up before the first alarm went off.  I got up, showered, washed my hair and got ready.

It was a series of unfortunate events today really.   It was the epitome of Murphy’s Law where what could go wrong went wrong.

First was the train I was on was late on account of a railway trespasser.  The conductor wasn’t much for sharing information but I overheard him telling someone that a person had gone on the tracks.  So it delayed the train for about 5 minutes, making me miss the connecting train that I usually catch in the morning.

I had to run to catch the next part of my journey.  Which wasn’t really too bad, except the bus ride was eventful as well.  It was packed and there was an argument on the bus.  The bus driver must have been preoccupied because I rang the bell twice but he still missed my stop.  He apologised as I passed and, of course, I had to say it was okay.  Because really, it was.

There was a snafu at work.  I won’t get into it. But of course, because I am of the “we all belong to one team” mode of thinking, I had to help mop up the mess.

I felt disorganised and adrift all day (didn’t help that I was still getting over a migraine and cramping—sometimes being female quite literally hurts!).  And I knew it was because I didn’t do my morning ritual of writing down the things I had to accomplish on the day.

On my way home, I really wasn’t too bothered about the bus being late (well, okay, if I’m being COMPLETELY honest, I was a teeny bit peeved).  I left the office slightly earlier because I wanted to catch the bus that was about 15 minutes earlier than the one I usually got.  But that bus was late.  So there I was, waiting for over 20 minutes in the cold (and yes, it was certainly getting colder!) getting on the usual bus that I got on anyway!

The only comfort was coming home.  Thank goodness for small, but wonderful, blessings.


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