Bon weekend!

25 Sep

Warning: ramblings of a fairly relaxed person can be found below!  you have been warned! 🙂

I soooooo love the weekends, especially after an unbelievably busy work week.  One can stay in bed and let the whole day float away, or stay on the couch and completely vegetate, or get dressed, catch the train and join the rest of humanity and indulge in a little retail therapy.

I think I may just stay indoors today.  Mother Nature has decided it’s time the weather got a whole lot colder in my corner of  the world, and all without warning!  I think Mama Natura has removed the word transition from her vocabulary!  Wednesday and Thursday were fairly okay — well fine, Thursday was damp and gray.  But it wasn’t cold!  Looking out the window, it looks lovely outside, with sunshine and blue skies, but I am not fooled!  The tree branches are dancing merrily away, and that can only mean a cold wind!

I’ve got the telly on and James Martin is taking a break from Saturday Kitchen.  Watching Matt Tebbutt pinch hit for JM makes me feel like I’m watching Market Kitchen! 🙂 I mean let’s face it people, James Martin is Saturday morning eye candy, isn’t he?

I’ve had a cup of coffee and I’ve done the dishes from having brekkie.  I’ve paid my bills and I’ve finished sorting out my finances (until the next bill comes in).

My only disappointment today is that my balikbayan box isn’t going to get picked up today.  I was hoping to get my front room back.  Note to self: a jumbo box is great but is hard to fill up and it takes up nearly a fourth of my tiny front room!  Get a medium or a couple of small ones next time.  Quality is always better than quantity.

I might just go back to bed today.  I’ve started reading Erica James’ book Queen of New Beginnings again!

Have a great weekend everybody! 🙂


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