15 Movies

22 Sep

This was a Facebook thing from a friend (obviously) and I just thought I’d throw it out onto the cosmos!  Also, this is what I did on my lunch hour yesterday.  Nothing like non-work stuff to help me mentally switch off for a while.

“The Directions: List your 15 movies — not the “best” films you know, just those that managed to stick with you, for whatever reasons.  Bonus points if you tell a little why it’s in this list.  Tag your friends, maybe you can get together and have a movie marathon after.

1.  Sliding Doors (1998) – can I just say that I LOVE THIS MOVIE?!?  I’ve seen it maybe, oh, at least 50 times (it’s gotten so bad that I can say every character’s lines now)? It has the glorious Gwyneth Paltrow, and let’s not forget to mention John Hannah and Jeanne Tripplehorn!  Classic what-if movie!  And the soundtrack is amazing too!  My goal is to visit the places where they shot the scenes! 🙂

2.  Possession (2002) – loved the movie but the A.S. Byatt book it was based on was even better! I’m a hopeless romantic and this is a beautiful story–tragic but beautiful.  It has the glorious Gwyneth and this is where I fell in love with Aaron Eckhart and Jeremy Northam and this movie introduced me to Jennifer Ehle.

3.  Emma (1996) – yes I know, another Gwyneth, as I am such a fan, but I find this one of my favourites versions of the Jane Austen classic.  I must say that this is the book that got me started on rereading all the Austen books I could get my hands on!

4.  Letters to Juliet (2010) – I am such a fan of Amanda Seyfried so I really just had to watch this movie.  Although mind you, I was a teeny bit disappointed that Gael Garcia Bernal didn’t play a larger role in this as I was excited to see him again after Y Tu Mama Tambien.  This is now a fast favourite!  I will be watching it again…and again…and again 🙂

5.  Little Women (1994) – after all the incarnations, this, as far as I’m concerned, is the best!   It has a stellar cast and it mentions my favourite bit of the whole story–Amy March’s lime trading 🙂  Plus this is a movie that will always remind me of my Duckie 🙂

6.  The Sound of Music (1965) – it has Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer and they sing EIDELWEISS and it’s set in AUSTRIA.  How more apt for my family can this movie get?!?

7.  My Fair Lady (1964) – it was because of this book that I read Pygmalion and it was because of this movie that my parents asked me to sing “Loverly” with a mock-Cockney accent over and over (and over) again.

8.  Jose Rizal (1998) – this was a GMA Films movie that I had to watch for a paper, I think.  I think it’s reflective of what the Filipino movie maker can do.  I’ve yet to see a movie that affects me as much as this has.  It makes you look at our history and it makes you want to make sure people know that despite the news on telly, it’s wonderful to be Filipino.

9.  Cocktail (1988) – this is my requisite Tom Cruise movie.  I loved it.  And the soundtrack!

10.  Notting Hill (1999) – Four words.  Julia.  Roberts.  Hugh.  Grant.  Oh and the house with the blue door?  It doesn’t have a blue door anymore!

11.  Super Size Me (2004) – a movie which I watch when I want to be reminded that I should eat more healthily.

12.  Sixth Sense (1999) – I’ve only seen this movie once.  And it was enough to scare me silly for the rest of my life!

13.  Book of Eli (2010) – This movie inspired me to start memorising the verses in the Bible that mean a lot to me.

14.  When a Man Loves a Woman (1994) – this is the movie where I completely fell in love with Andy Garcia and I said to myself, “I want a man who will love me like that!!”  And this was the movie that I KNEW Meg Ryan could act and that she wasn’t just for the rom-coms.

15.  Band of Brothers (2001) – this mini-series left me crying and cringing and sometimes both at the same time.  It was beautiful and ugly at the same time.  It just drives home the point that another world war should be avoided at all costs!


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    yeah my dad will like this

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