G spotted?

17 Sep

A few weeks back, on a Saturday that I was in London (I think it was on the last bank holiday weekend), I was walking down Regent Street (this was after a necessary trip to the new iStore on Regent Street—it was only a look-see!  There were so many things to buy but sadly, they all go on to the wishlist that might never be!  Did I say I wanted an iPad?  Hmmm.  You think if I say it often enough on the blog, Apple would take pity on me? :) iPad) and walking in the opposite direction was Giselle Sanchez.  At least, at the time, I was sure that it was her.  I mean I don’t think she just looked like Giselle.  I REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS GISELLE SANCHEZ.  I remember seeing her around UP when I was still at uni (I think she it was the year she graduated magna cum laude).   She still looked the same.

I was reading showbiz gossip on the PEP website (it’s nice to keep up with Philippine entertainment gossip.  I used to like watching The Buzz when I was still in Manila.  it was VERY entertaining!)  when I came across a note that was a link to Giselle’s blog.  I checked and it said that Giselle was in the UK in July.  I was in London on the last bank holiday weekend which was at the end of August (iPad).

So I wonder…was it really Giselle Sanchez that I saw on Regent Street in London, after lunch on the 28th of August of this year?  And yes, I should’ve probably taken a picture (at the time I would’ve probably cringed at the thought of taking a picture paparazzi-style)!  And now that I think about my shoulda-wouldas, I think, “Dang!”



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