Thank you technology!

10 Sep

I was working on something this morning and I started smiling to myself.  After updating my status on Facebook and tweeting, I had to laugh (I was telling everyone in my world how much I loved Mail Merge!  how much of a geek am I?).  Whoever thought it was necessary to create Mail Merge is a genius!  It’s made my life so much easier!

I can still remember when I thought having a portable typewriter (mine was an…Olympia, I think!) was the height of amazingness!  Hmmm, that might have just revealed my age, but hey-ho! (nasa thermometer pa naman ang age ko, no!).

We take for granted things like mobile phones, laptops, ATMs, credit card and digital cameras.  They’ve almost become so mundane that sometimes we don’t stop to think about them a lot.  Think of what it will be like if the ATM wasn’t invented?  How would you feel if mobile phones were suddenly banned?  God forbid that the internet would suddenly cease to exist (and out of the blue, I see Moss from IT Crowd pop into my head, holding a modem saying, “The internet!”)!

Whoever these great inventors and innovative thinkers were, whether they believe in God or not, God bless them!  For without their forward-thinking ideas, we wouldn’t be able to do what we’re able to do today.


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