Perfect muffins being perfected

1 Sep

I got what I think is THE perfect muffin recipe.  My first try of the recipe was slightly more dismal (it was mainly because of vanity, I think.  I fancy myself a gifted baker and I took my eye off the ball tonight 😦 ) but I know what refinements to make.  Will post the recipe tomorrow…along with a picture!

Another cupcake shop opened in London today.  It’s in Brewer Street, near where Gelupo Gelato is (which is in Archer Street.  If you want gelato, you NEED to go to Gelupo.  A must-try is the hazelnut gelato, as well as the bonet gelato.  They also have sorbets and the raspberry and strawberry will definitely be a favourite, I’m sure!  But, as usual, I digress!).  It’s called Cox Cookies and Cake.  I saw a picture of cupcakes that they make on Daily Candy London.  I think their website is still a work in progress.

I can’t seem to remember the name of the cupcake shop that opened in one of the bigger shopping malls in the Philippines, but whoever opened that shop, well, they had amazing business sense!

And as am writing this, I feel myself feeling sleepy (oh gawd!!!  how bad is that, if I’m boring myself!!!???) so am going to capitalise on the sleepiness.  I didn’t sleep very well last night.  So I’m hoping tonight is better.

Right.  Nuh-night!


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