Today, I want to be a superhero!

24 Aug

I don’t want to be faster than a speeding bullet, nor do I want to be more powerful than a locomotive, nor do I want to be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound.  I just wish I had the super power to fly.  Or will myself to be in Manila.

I am not going to be at my friend’s wedding today.  Of all the weddings to miss, this was one of those that were on my DO NOT DARE MISS list.  And I am definitely going to miss it!  As a matter of fact, it’s probably happening right now.

My mom has just sent me a text message.  She’s with my Aba and they’re at the church where the wedding is.  I’m happy our family is being represented at the wedding.  BUT I WANT TO BE THERE TOO! 😦

There are friends and then there are friends.  And if I sit here and list down why this friendship is important, this will be one very, very long blog entry.  Suffice it to say that our friendship is cemented because we grew up in the faith together.  Faith is an excellent foundation and when your friendship is founded on that, it, well, makes it the strongest bond ever.  And now, I’m going to stop talking about how much I value this friendship because there won’t be enough kleenex in my handbag (I also don’t intend to help solve the water shortage in England by boo-hoo-ing at work!).

To my dearest Joanne and Allo (who is now dear by association, even though we haven’t met yet):  Have a wonderful day today.  While I cannot be there, and I know I can, probably, never make up for not being there, I am hugging you in my thoughts!  May this day be the beginning of a life blessed with love, bound by faith and filled with every happiness 😀


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