Needing change

22 Aug

I took on the diet challenge, albeit slightly impetuously (this word makes me smile! I rarely use it but when I do it makes me feel like a Jane Austen heroine—impetuous!  Oh Mr Darcy! :)), because in my heart of hearts, I knew I needed a change.  I knew that I was losing weight but I needed a big push.  Thanks to my friend Rhoda who proposed it.  It was the proverbial kick in the bum that I needed.  I now look at food quite differently.

One thing I have noticed, after the no-rice challenge is how one’s stomach expands with the rice.  I’ve never really paid much attention to things like this.  It was very much shovel-in-food-ooooh-at-how-good-it-tasted for me.  But now, I plan to choose my food wisely, to eat intelligently…

Oooh have you heard of the Twix Fino?  I just saw it this morning.

Ha!  So much for eating intelligently, hey?


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