Day 1 of The Challenge

15 Aug

One of my dear friends issued a challenge via Facebook.  Who would join her in a week of no meat, no rice, no soda and no alcohol. And excited about the prospects of testing my self-discipline and self-control (I was probably a masochist in a previous life), I said yes without considering the repercussions.  It was a case of leaping before looking, but then again, I am the eternal optimist.  If all else fails, my optimism will get me through this!  Haha!

Seven days of no rice.  To a Filipino, not having rice with their meals will always be difficult.  Most Filipino dishes are meant to have a side dish of rice to go with it.  Rice is a staple!  Even the soupy dishes are best eaten with rice!  I’m wondering now if I’ve bitten off more than I can chew (no pun intended).  This is going to be a very interesting week!

The “no alcohol” bit was easy.  I don’t really drink.  If you want to see a person nurse a pint of anything for over an hour, come and see me at a pub.  Again, not something I usually do, go to the pub, I mean.  I love cider but the last time I had cider was over 3 months ago I think!

The no meat bit isn’t such a huge deal as well as I love fish and fish and seafood is allowed.  I also love vegetables so living without meat for the duration of the challenge won’t be so difficult.  And stupidly, I thought I could cope with having fish and chips.  Then I remembered: “No fried food.”  I went back to the drawing board.

One of the more difficult conditions of the challenge was not being able to drink soda.  I love diet coke.  I think the fizziness of the drink is very refreshing.  It may be psychological, but it works for me.  I’m hoping that drinking cordial with sparkling spring water might deal address my need for fizziness in a drink.

I think I might be able to survive this by making more soups.  Today, I had sauteed aubergines (sans rice, of course!) for lunch and I attempted (and to my mind, failed miserably) to replicate the ramen soup that I had for lunch yesterday for supper.  I had a small serving of apple and blackberry crumble for dessert.  Juice and water to drink.  All day!

So Day 1 is done and dusted.  I am off to beddy-bye before I start thinking I want something in my list of cannot-eats!


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